Meet Lindsey and Shereen, the founders of Thread Coaching and Consulting! Together, they leverage their unique experiences and  perspectives to help individuals and organizations navigate change. 


Meet Lindsey and Shereen, the founders of Thread Coaching and Consulting!

We met in 2019 while pursuing our respective Master's Degrees at Northwestern University in Chicago, where we were placed in a group simulation tasked with leading a team up Mt. Everest. We quickly realized our opposite strengths and leadership styles complemented each other well.

On paper, we're about as opposite as two people can be -- an extrovert and an introvert, a former naval officer and a marketing strategist, a detail-oriented worker and a big-picture thinker. But our opposite strengths, thought-partnership and challenging conversation are what allow us to tackle problems from all angles and thread together endless possibilities.

Through the birth of THREAD, we hope to help individuals and organizations navigate the messy, in-between and gray parts of change. Our main goal as coaches and consultants is to equip our clients with the tools needed to skillfully manage change now and in the future.


Through Northwestern University, we are both Certified Leadership Coaches. In 2021, we both graduated from the Master's of Learning and Organizational Change program, an innovative and multidisciplinary program focused on designing for and developing sustainable change, adult learning, design thinking and leadership development.


I am passionate about guiding you through the gray because I’ve lived it myself.


As a former Naval Officer, ambiguity, constant change and leadership come second nature to me. But, that didn’t make transition easy or seamless. I wish I’d had the support of a coach during all those moments in life to help bring clarity and calm to my decisions.


I’m personally committed to telling leaders the truth, because I know firsthand how hard that can be to come by. I spent the last three years of my service working in DC, advising two senior executives in the Navy on personnel and protocol issues before moving to Chicago and becoming the Chief of Staff to the President of a non-profit. In each of those experiences, I watched people shy away from telling these leaders the truth. Whether it was because they simply wanted to impress the Admirals or were uncomfortable having tough conversations - whatever the cause.


There’s a reason people say it’s lonely at the top. But it doesn’t have to be.


I'm passionate about guiding you through the gray because I've lived it myself.

I was standing in my own way for so long. I had come up with every excuse under the sun to not do things. My imposter syndrome was out of control. I spent so much time focusing on fine tuning my "areas of opportunity" instead of leveraging my strengths.

I've worked in the market technology industry for my entire career. When I navigated from Individual Contributor to a first-time Manager, I struggled with striking a balance between doing and delegating, growing and leading, and finding my sweet spot and style as a manager.  I quickly realized that, regardless of industry, many in this new position struggled to create and shape their own style. When I took a step back, I realized it was more about the phase of this stage of life that was so stressful - it was the ambiguity and change in getting from one place to the next.

Any transition can seem lonely and gray, with a lack of clear direction. But it doesn't have to be.