Investing in your talent.

We believe that your talent is your largest asset. Most of the time, we operate under the assumption that you, too, know your talent is the best of the best for your organization. You interviewed, hired and trained them for their roles.


How do you ensure they're always adding value? You continue to develop them.


What we often see in organizations is a focus on leadership development at the executive level. We see organizations and leaders expect all employees to lead themselves and their work, but don't often teach how to do that. There's a disconnect in what's expected and what's available.

At THREAD, we believe that leadership is an on-going practice. To effectively lead at any level, you have to know how to lead yourself first. That's why we've created and follow a me-we-us framework. To continuously influence as you grow, you have to start with yourself.

If you’re only investing in top level leadership, you’re waiting until it’s too late.